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Nike Air Max 270 Men (4)
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Q: How long does it take to deliver to Australia / New Zealand please?
A: It may take 5-9 working days to arrival.

Q: How much is the shipping cost to Australai / New Zealand?
A: Shipping cost is AUD27.09 for each order.

I'm just wondering what sizes are the tns in Australia?
A: Our sizes are Standard size, you don't worry about the size what we sell. You just choose the sizes what you wear.

Q: Can i return the shoes i bought if you sent me wrong shoes?
A: Yes, you can, just return to the we give you shipping address.

Q: Can i get refund if i don't want the order after i paid?
A: Yes, you can request refund, but the funds will arrival your original account in the next 15 days after we did the refund.

Q: If i have no credit card, how do i pay for my order?
A: You could pay by western union online, it is easy and safe, just visit to make an account, then recharge the money from your debit card to the official western union site. After that, you click" send money " and fill out our western union account there to send your payment. The western union transfer fees is about 18 AUD or more less than Au$18, we don't know how much it is, to get more information, please go to western union official site. However we are able to offer you 8% discount. Also, bank transfer will work if you don't have a credit card to pay.

Q: Does the shoes come with the shoes box?
A:  Yes, all shoes come with original shoes box.

Hello, just wondering how long this sale is going to last, because I won’t receive my pay for a couple of days but I want this item.
A: Some of thoese shoes with big stock availability, some shoes without big stock availability, so, we suggest you buy your favorite shoes as soon as possible, because some shoes will be out of stock soon and wait to be restock in 10-15 days. However, some shoes will not be restock again.

Q: Hello to whose this, i just look up your website for Nike Tn shoe are they real or fake i want know honest so i can buy them off.
A: They are authentic Nikes, Nikes from China Nike factory, it is China Nike factory online discount store.

Q: Why is your shoes so cheap?
A: It is Authentic Discount Store, all shoes from China Nike factory, all this shoes for promotions, new arrivals for new shoes promotions, the old models is for clearance, so they are cheap sale.

Q: How would encpuraged me to buy something from you and also how do you want to show me that you website is not a spam?
A: Our website has no feedback function, as it is a old website used for in many years, we only paste few customer reviews by screenshot from email. If you have this kind of concerns, please contact us to get proof.

Q:  T
he question is what product will you send even if you give me trucking number I can not be sure that will received what I ordered.
We send what you ordereded. If you received the wrong shoes, you could request refund or return.

I did not buy anything yet because seems to me that your website is a scam however I could consider buy some shoe but you will have to send me a picture. It means I need to see shoe with newspaper with a date today or tomorrow then I can be sure that you have that shoe and then you will send me. Can you do this for me?  If yes I will tell you which shoe I would like to see with newspaper and date.
A: It works. We would like to do if you think it is necessary.

Q: I had a bad shopping experiece, i spent AUD151 for 2 pairs shoes from another website, but i got nothing, no shoes, no email, no reply, what happen if i buy from you guys?
A: Never happeded if you buy from We are realiable really, though just we say may you don't believe, but you could read our customer reviews page:

Q: When i'll get my shipment if i order today?
A: If you made your order before 14:00pm, we will ship out at the same day, after 14:00pm, we will ship out at the next day. Tracking number will be send by our system email:  If you got a tracking number from us, please pay attention to receive your package in the next 5-9 working days.

Q: What is minimum quantity or can i just buy one pair?
A: Yes, you could just buy one pair, we have no quantity limit.

Q: Is this site safe?
A: Yes, it is safe to use.

Q: I do buy lot of stuff online But always do PayPal,why is this website not Linked with PayPal?
A: We are so sorry, we don't take PayPal, we take credit card (Visa/Master credit card) payment, it is safe, why isn't it? If you don't like to take credit card payment, you could take your business elsewhere it takes paypal, becase we ONLY would like to make our customers happy. :)  Thank you for understanding.

Q: Hi, i just placed an order but it keeps failing, there is money in my account not sure why its not accepting.
A: In this case, we suggest you use another credit card try to pay again. According to our experience, a portion of order payment was failed due to without enough money in the card, if like this, then suggest recharge money. Or
it the bank had put a stop on for overseas transactions.

Q: If i order 2 pairs in the same time then i just pay about $27 for delivery right? Or $27 ×2 items?
A: You only pay delivery AU$27.09, AU$27.09 per order.

Q: Hey im a size 10 shoe in Australia but dont no what size to get ???
A: Our shoes size is in standard US size, US size equals the Australia size. If you wear 10 in Australia, then you pick in size US10, size US10 will good for you.

Q: I don't know how to buy a pair shoes i would like, how to do it?
A: Regarding how to buy, please visit this page: to get more   information.

Q: I had bought these off another gmail account. Haven't gotten them. Charged me $250 dollars. Yous are scammers.
A: Don't know why some people say we are scammer. Please be sure you ordered on this site before(Nike Wholesale), same site, same email address, same order number serials, if they bought from different site, please don't say we are scammer, as different site, different company, different shopping experience. Please be fair, don't misunderstand us!!!  Thanks.
We just want to say, order with us, you will get what you order and worthy what you paid.
To know if we are scammer and if ship your order, please have a look this page:
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